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Of the total number of registered companies in Serbia, even 40% disappear off the market in the first year of business. The reasons may be different, but most frequent mistakes are: the lack of marketing strategy, ideas and capability to attract the attention on themselves.

If you do not understand the importance of marketing in moment you start business, you will work on the margins of the market. Unimproved marketing is the first point of corporate destruction. Successful companies grow and changes or disappears. The failure of the adjustments is often main cause of "death".

The most successful companies in Serbia are those companies that are on the list of top 10 advertisers.


Of the total number of companies that operate in Serbia 96% are micro and small companies. Most of them are in private ownership. Even 85% of those companies employing up to 10 employees.

I am small – so what?It does not matter how big your company is and how small is your marketing budget, what IS important is awareness that you need to invest in marketing. The difference between those who appears in the Yellow Pages and those whose bonds is on the stock exchange is that second group of companies started to invest in marketing on time.

We do not have a budget for marketing!Do not forget that you creating your company image by sign your e-mails, by the way you answer the phone, by creating your business letters... Such details do not cost you anything. Make a good start by deciding to improve your marketing activities. That will certainly be one step closer to success.

Investment advertising is expensive. Our budget is limited.Advertising (TV, press, radio) is really expensive for most of companies in this market, but there are many other communication tools and ways to access your potential client. Maybe your company is one of those who spend enormous money in media campaigns and never have measured results and analyzed the success of campaign.

Hiring low cost agency to create marketing strategy, realize plan, monitor and measure effects is probably better way than "throw money into the wind".

You do not need to spend millions to achieve good effects. The success of campaign is not always related with amount of invested money, but in idea and smart investing. Do not forget that the reason of investing is only profit!

The idea of marketing is not spending but earning money!

Blink2 Marketing agency

Blink2 is a low-cost marketing agency dedicated to small and medium companies who are very aware of their need for marketing. According to this our services have very reasonable prices. You don’t need to invest “great” money. One thing must be great: your satisfaction and earnings!

Members of our team (Designers, web designers, copywriters) are famous, young and creative people with long-time experience in successful agencies. Creativity and inspiration in one hand, and unencumbered with world famous agency reputation on the other hand, will result with excellent solutions with affordable prices!

No, we are not different, the best in this field, special,
our aim is to make You special!


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Copywriting « » Sales promotions
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TV show "Cursor" on TV B92 INFO Informative, educational, research program about information technology. Clear concept and short form. User-friendly content with aim to make IT understandable to the wider range of population.

Premiere: Saturday 17.30 | Replay: Tuesday 12.30, Wednesday 13.30

Interactive projections Using this technology, every shop window, floor, table, wall becomes a medium for communication with your customers. Innovative way to interact with users through reach a positive effect.

EyeClick solutions:

Eye Window Eye Window Media is an innovative platform that transforms any glass surface in the interactive displays. With Eye Window technology window of any size becomes the exclusive medium for your message.
This technology responds to touch and move people, and combined with graphics and video solutions, you get a unique experience that encourages users to interact with your brand or marketing message.

Eye Step Eye Step solution for interactive floor and the combined area of perception of movement of the human body with the floor and special areas. EyeStep easily converts the open area and invisible areas of continuous experience of movement, action, fun and excitement, keeping passers in the game and interact with your marketing content.

Eye Touch Touch Eye system consists of a special interactive film that is applied to the substrate. In combination with a camera and an infrared light source to detect touch, movement or just the presence of the user, causing the reaction system changes designed graphical content. EyeTouch solution effectively transmit your message to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

How the technology progressed, you can see by following the link below. This is a restaurant in London which has interactive tables and the food and beverage ordering by selecting the options from the place where you sit.
To place in a restaurant waiting for 6 months!

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Web clipping is a web archive of published articles which you can view and download using web portal. To access Web clipping use your username and password.

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